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Combina Labelling Machines

Combina Labeling Technology -
Applicators and Progress


In 1962, shafer - etiketten GmbH located at Wolfschlugen near Nurtingen engineered the first Combina labeling machine.

Thus, schafer-etiketten has been one of the first precursors for an automatic label application during production and packaging process.

Today worldwide more than 25,000 Combina label applicators and labelling systems are installed. The brand name Combina has evolved into a solid term for quality and reliability at users in many countries.

In 2004, schafer-etiketten entered into cooperation with Kughler-Womako GmbH located at Nurtingen in the field of labelling technology. schafer-etiketten concentrates now on its core business which is the production of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging.

As of 1st October 2004, Kugler-Womako has integrated the traditional Combina labelling technology in its own product range. By means of cooperation, the companies Kugler-Womako and schafer-etiketten are in a position to present customers an extended offer in the field of labelling technology and to realize system solutions.

Kugler-Womako belongs to the Korber PaperLink Holding, a group of internationally operating companies specialized in the manufacture of machinery for the paper and tissue converting as well as absorbent hygiene industry.

For over 40 years, Kugler-Womako is as a well-established supplier of machines and services to the paper converting industry.

As a Korber PaperLink company, Kugler-Womako benefits from the synergies within the group in the fields of research and development as well as sales and material procurement.

Korber PaperLink is part of the Korber Group a machine construction corporate group employing approximately 8,000 people and having a turnover of around 1.3 billion Euros

Complete turnkeys packaging solutions are available on request.

Please contact us on info@jzw.com.au to discuss your application.


Labelling technology from Kugler - Womako, Combina label applicators, special labelling machines, thermal transfer printers

Kugler-Womako factory and office


Labelling technology from Kugler - Womako, Combina label applicators, special labelling machines, thermal transfer printers


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e-mail:- info@jzw.com.au

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